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If it’s about drywall, we can help.

  • Hang: Install sheetrock (wallboard) using screws.
    • Tape & Finish: Cover joints and screws with drywall tape, mud and texture.
  • Repair Holes: Remove any remaining damaged drywall as needed. Replace with new sheetrock. Tape joints and texture to match surrounding area.
  • Repair Cracks: Remove existing, damaged tape when possible. Apply fiberglass mesh repair tape. Apply minimum of two coats of mud, texture to match.
  • Water Damage Repair: Remove entire damaged area. Replace with new sheetrock, tape and texture to match surrounding area.
  • Popcorn Ceiling Removal: Removal of popcorn acoustic ceilings is relatively simple.
    • First, clear the room of as much furniture, etc. as possible. Second, cover the floor with a heavy 4 mil. plastic, then mask the walls from ceiling to floor with 12 ft. painter’s plastic.
    • Wet the ceiling with a garden sprayer and scrape the ceiling with a six inch drywall taping knife.
    • Once the popcorn is removed, the real work begins… Most ceilings have begun to sag over the years
      due to the way they were installed using nails. To make sure the ceiling is tight and secure, we go through and
      screw off the entire ceiling.
    • Since the joints typically coated one time for popcorn acoustic, a second coat must be applied to ensure
      they are properly prepared for texture.
    • Once we re-coat and touch-up each of the joints, we double coat the new screws, then texture the
      ceilings to existing walls, or whatever style of texture is preferred.

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