water damage repair

Water Damage Repair Specialist in Phoenix

Water damage occurs at a home or business when water leaks from broken or cracked pipes, a busted water heater, flooding from heavy rain, a leaky roof, or any other excess of water.  This water is absorbed by the drywall and can cause bubbling, mold, and structural damage.

The team at The Drywall Guy will come into your home or place of business to assess the extent of the water damage repairing it as necessary. Repairing water damage, can vary from scraping the drywall, removing and replacing the bubbled texture, to completely removing and replacing the drywall. Once the source of the water damage has been resolved, we inspect all damaged areas to make sure everything is completely dry. We ensure that any wet or damaged insulation has been removed and there is no sign of mold.

Our experience is second to none.

We have 3 generations of experience in drywall repair and installation. We pride ourselves on being
the most experienced in our field and on every project we do the best work possible.

When we repair water damage in a home or business, we treat the space as if it were our own.
All exposed surfaces are covered with plastic before the work is started and everything is cleaned
when we have finished the project. We do our best to leave your home or business as clean as when
we found it.

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